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61 cv 141 Training Helicopters

61 vs 141 Training



At the completion of any training program, you will undergo a checkride with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) that will verify you meet the aeronautical experience (minimum hours) and required training (ground and flight) prior to administer the practical test. Those training requirements are listed in the appropriate part of the Federal Administration Regulation (FAR):

  • Private: 61.103 through 61.109

  • Commercial: 61.123 through 61.129

  • Instrument: 61.65


Under part 61, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not mandate that a flight school must have a precise outline of the training sessions (called a syllabus), which provides a logical step by step plan for how and when various theoretical subjects or flight manoeuvres should be introduced to the student to maximize the training efficiency. This can provide flexibility by adjusting the training to a specific student but often leads to inefficiencies, missing elements and lack of training standards which are critical to professional training.

Part 141 of the FAR provides the canvas for a flight school to elaborate a detailed syllabus for each certificate or rating. Once the fight school has built those programs, the FAA will review each ground and flight syllabus in great detail and fly with the chief flight instructor to ensure the quality of instruction meets the highest standards prior issuing an approval and air agency certificate. Every 24 months, the flight school must demonstrate that at least 80% of the applicants for a certificate or rating successfully passed their checkrides on the first attempt or the school loses their 141 accreditation!

Moreover, 141 training provides relief from some of the training requirements listed in part 61, reducing the length and cost of your training.

*Published 04/14/2020

141 Flight School

  • Training program approved by the FAA

  • Air Agency certificate issued

  • Approval renewed every 24 calendar months

  • Renewal requires at least 80% pass rate

  • Ensure quality of training

List of USATS 141 approved courses

  • Private (H)

  • Commercial (H)

  • Instrument (H)

  • Flight Instructor (H)

  • ATP (H)

  • NVG Initial & Recurrent (H)

Air Agency Certificated Issued
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