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Travel anywhere in the world and you’re likely to find a USATS graduate operating safely there. We’ve trained thousands of aviators from more than 120 countries.

From flying Search and Rescue missions in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, providing VIP or recreational transport over the glacial fields of Alaska and the skyline of New York City, to flying military missions over the jungles of Colombia or Peru or the deserts of Africa, and beyond.

The Early Years


The USATS story began in 1987, the year Helicopter Adventures Inc. (HAI) was founded by Mr. Patrick Corr in Concord, CA.

By 2007, the company had grown substantially and was relocated to Space Coast, FL (Titusville). In Titusville, HAI became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bristow Group Inc. and was rebranded as Bristow Academy.

Setting The Standard For Quality


For the next ten years, Bristow Academy set the standard for quality helicopter pilot training. This was a time of development for our key training programs, which were geared toward a new breed of career-oriented student pilots.

An Exciting Future

There has never been a better time to enter the aviation industry. Helicopter pilots have a wide range of exciting, challenging, and high-paying career options such as military, law enforcement, tour operators, and oil and gas. There are even opportunities to transition into the airlines with our Rotor Transition Program (RTP) as the airline industry is facing a crippling shortage of quality-trained entry-level pilots.

A New Era

USATS’ SVP Strategy and Development, Todd Smith, saw a chance to help pilots advance their careers while providing high-quality pilots to a hungry commercial aviation industry.

In November 2017, Bristow Academy came under new ownership and changed its name to U.S. Aviation Training Solutions Inc. The name reflects our evolving mission to train, mentor, and support the careers of professional aviators and in 2018 saw the launch of USATS first airplane training program serving the airline industry specifically.


Soon after, USATS was acquired by IDAG, giving rise to even more training options and experience. With IDAGs' guidance and resources USATS now also teach foreign nationals at sites across Europe, as well as offer a multitude of training options for pilots across the board. Learn more about IDAG in the video below, or visit their website here.

What students say about USATS

"There were several factors that I took into consideration when selecting the institution for my professional helicopter training. These factors were safety, quality of training programs, facilities, and weather. I felt that it was important to choose a school with an excellent safety record and a culture of safety.


Everything from the ground school lessons to the flight instruction was provided with very experienced and knowledgeable instructors and modern facilities that you cannot find in any other school. I did not choose a professional pilot training school because of the sun and beaches that are near USATS, I wanted to make my decision based on tangible factors! A school that would equip me with real professional skills and that would help me to be a leader in the aviation industry.


The weather was also a significant factor in selecting USATS that allowed the ability to fly a lot, without risking my safety and the quality of my learning experience. Of course, I had some cancellations because of the weather, but I was able to fly consistently throughout the year. Moreover, because of the school's best practices and long-term history in the aviation industry, I learned that the school’s graduates have been always considered very desirable candidates for offshore jobs since the school prepares you with the mindset of safety, professional decision making, and discipline.


One of the major reasons, and maybe the most important one besides the safety culture, is that after your education you can have one year to work as a pilot in the U.S. This opportunity is priceless! If you wanted to get a job after completing your education as a fresh pilot in, for example, Europe, you would maybe work as a loadmaster for years, before getting considered for a pilot position. So, working in the U.S., which has huge possibilities for helicopter positions, allows you to build hours and get hands-on experience."

—  Jacob F. Haram, EASA Student

The leader in advanced flight training

For more than 30 years U.S. Aviation Training Solutions Inc. has delivered quality professional military and commercial training solutions to clients from more than 120 countries.

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