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Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) Course

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Course



This is the highest level of certification an airman can achieve. This certificate is required to act as the Pilot In Command of an aircraft requiring 2 pilots for IFR operations.

The FAA regulations do not mandate any specific training since, in theory, you should have through your flying experience, the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the associated checkride.

The reality is that to limit the cost, you will be taking your flight test in a single-engine aircraft that you have last flown a couple of years ago and that does not have a stabilization system or autopilot. Some adjustment and a refresher will be necessary.

This is primarily an Instrument checkride with more stringent completion standards. Advanced VFR flight maneuvers will also be tested such as autorotation to a power recovery on take-off and enroute. So, come and refresh with us. Our flight instructors went through that process themselves and we have designed a course that is flexible enough to adjust to your own experience. We offer the ATPL training in either a traditional 6 pack instrument aircraft or in a modern glass cockpit environment.

Course Features


  • Hold an FAA Commercial Certificate and Instrument rating rotorcraft helicopter, OR;

  • Hold an ICAO Commercial license, Instrument rating rotorcraft helicopter and a valid FAA license verification letter.

  • Hold at least a Class 3 FAA medical.

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand English

  • Have logged 1,200 hrs total time that includes:

    • 500 hrs Cross-Country

    • 100 hrs Night of which 15 hrs helicopter

    • 200 hrs helicopter of which 75 hrs PIC or SIC-US

    • 75 hrs Instrument of which 50 hrs in an aircraft to include 25 hrs helicopter as PIC or SIC-US


  • None required


Unless you have already trained with us, it is very difficult to accurately identify your specific training needs. After submitting some details about yourself, we will give you an estimate based on your experience, career and previous training. The hours listed below has been achieved with applicants having received their certificates in the USA and currently flying in an IFR environment.

  • Ground: 5 hrs

  • Dual VFR: 3 hrs

  • Dual IFR: 5 hrs

Course length:

  • 1-2 weeks


  • S300CBi

  • R44

ATPL Course Features at USATS
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