Commercial Pilot (CPL) Course Helicopter

Commercial Pilot (CPL) Course


The Commercial Pilot Certificate is the next important step in achieving your dream and making money out of your passion.

Unless you are following an integrated professional training program (from no flight hours to having a commercial), it is very difficult to provide an estimate at this stage of the game. Applicants already holding a private certificate have different flight experience and technical knowledge. Provide us with a copy of your logbook, flight experience, your history and let's have a talk. Just download, fill out and Email us back our Training Assessment Form and we will provide a personalized training plan.

If your next step is to qualify as a flight instructor, come train with us to make sure you acquire the technical and flying skills required to successfully progress through our Instructor training program.

Course Features


  • Hold a private pilot certificate

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand English

  • Has logged 150 hrs total time consisting of:

    • 100 hrs in powered aircraft (50 hrs must be in a helicopter)

    • 100 hrs of PIC (35 hrs must be in a helicopter)


  • Appropriate Ground knowledge

  • Dual: 20 hours

  • Solo: 10 hours

Course length:

  • Based on individual experience and flight hrs


  • S300CBi

  • R22

  • R44

Commercial Course Features at USATS
Commercial Pilot Part 141 Add-on

Commercial Pilot Part 141 Add-on


  • Hold at least a FAA Commercial airplane certificate

  • Hold at least a class 2 FAA medical


  • Ground school: 30 hrs

  • Dual: 32.5 hrs

  • Solo: None

  • Sim: 2 hrs

Course length:

  • 2 months


  • S300CBi

  • R22

  • R44

  • B206B3

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