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EASA/ICAO to FAA Conversion Helicopters

ICAO to FAA Conversion



Since we have been training pilots on the FAA side for over 20 years, we have extensive knowledge of the regulations and have helped many fellow pilots convert their ICAO licenses to FAA certificates.

There are multiple reasons that conversion is the right move. Aside from the obvious, you are looking to apply for a job in the USA, the most compelling is simply for expanding your horizon. Believe it or not, there are some major regions of the world where not having an FAA certificate means not even being considered for an interview!

Usually, identifying the required hours to qualify for an FAA Commercial, Instrument rating or an ATP certificate is not a straightforward answer. We will need to look at your ICAO license, your flight experience and your logbook to provide you with a training plan. Fill out and Email us a completed USATS assessment form and we will get right back to you.

Other steps are listed below:

  • Foreign license verification: Your ICAO license needs to be authenticated by the FAA before you can use it toward an FAA certificate or rating. Go to the FAA Foreign License Verification Page and follow the instructions. Once the process is successfully completed, the FAA will email you a letter, valid for 6 months, that you will need to present on the day of your FAA checkride (skill test).

    • Note 1: It can take up to 90 days to have the process completed.

    • Note 2: Be aware there are additional requirements if your license has been issued by the UK, Ireland,  Cyprus, Malaysia, New Zealand or Australia.

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA): If you do not already hold an FAA certificate and/or instrument rating, the TSA has issued a regulation that requires flight schools to verify students' proof of US citizenship or ensure that TSA approval to train is received prior to beginning training (if training is required).

  • Visa: If you are not a US citizen, you will need a student visa to receive training in the USA. Please have a look at our foreign student visa page

Simply contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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