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Aircraft Safety and Emergencies Training (EMER)

Aircraft Safety and Emergencies Training (EMER)



The course is designed to develop the ability to safely detect, manage and respond to abnormal situations and/or emergencies during the flight.

The course combines the 3P model (perceive, process, perform) with the ANC model (aviate, navigate, communicate) as a thought guide to deal with these situations and/or emergencies. The course also places special emphasis on risk management, threat and error management, and cockpit and crew resource management.

This course employs a combination of tools including class discussion, simulated chair flight, flight simulator, and aircraft flight. In addition, the course considers two types of roles, as a pilot flying alone or as part of a flight crew.

Finally, the course uses scenario-based training technique and real-case analysis, which enables pilots to be prepared to respond to abnormal situations and/or emergencies of greater complexity or difficulty during air operations.

*Standardized Courses tailorable to fit specific training requirements.

Course Features

  • Conducted in Titusville, FL, USA

  • Special Focus: Aeronautical Decision Making, Risk Management, Threat and Error Management, Cockpit and Crew Resource Management

  • Conducted by experienced instructors with FAA CFI/CFII certifications

Safety and Emergencies Training Course Features
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