Helicopter 141 FAA and EASA courses

Helicopter FAA part 141

and EASA approved courses



We are the only helicopter flight school in the USA approved to provide 141 FAA courses as well as EASA modular and integrated courses on American soil. We have been 141 FAA approved for over 30 years and EASA approved for over 20 years.

141 FAA Approved Courses


Private Certificate:

  • Private

  • Private Add-On


Commercial Certificate:

  • Commercial

  • Commercial Add-On


Instrument Rating:

  • Instrument

  • Instrument Add-On


Flight Instructor:

  • Flight Instructor

  • Instrument Flight Instructor


Airline Transport Pilot

141 FAA Approved Course Certificate

EASA Approved Courses


Integrated courses:

  • CPL(H) License with ATPL/IR Theoretical Exams frozen (7 years)


Modular Theoretical Knowledge:

  • ATPL/IR(H)

  • ATPL(A)


​Modular Flying:

  • CPL(H)


Type Rating:

  • S300CBi

  • R22 & R44

  • Night

EASA Approved Course Certificate