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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Helicopter

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)



After graduation from commercial training, becoming a flight instructor is the usual path to capture your initial job. It will give you the opportunity to build your flight hours and meet the minimum requirements for your first commercial position (Tours, Offshore single-engine captain or twin-engine co-pilot, Corporate 135 operators, etc.)

Some pilots see it just as an hour building exercise but we see it as the most challenging, rewarding and interesting job you will probably experience. If you want to really know a subject or master a skill, either write a book about it or teach it. We are obviously in the business of the latter.

Our flight instructor course is a structured course focusing on the soft skills such as Crew Resource Management (CRM), Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) specifically tailored to the flight instructor.


After demonstrating you have the required flight abilities, you will learn about teaching techniques to safely and efficiently transfer your technical and flight skills, along with common student mistakes and how to correct/avoid them.

Take a look at the discussion with our Chief Flight Instructor to see all the benefits. It is an intensive but fun and very rewarding course

Course Features


  • Hold a commercial or ATP rotorcraft helicopter certificate

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand English


  • Appropriate ground knowledge on the Fundamental of Instruction, Private and Commercial curriculum.

  • Ground School: 40 hours

  • Dual: As required but expect 20 hours

  • Solo: None

Course length:

  • 2 months


  • S300CBi

  • R44

Flight Instructor Course Features
Flight Instructor Add-on

Flight Instructor Add-on


If you already hold a flight instructor rating:



  • Additional helicopter specific knowledge

  • Dual: As required but expect 15 hours

  • Solo: None

  • The training plan is designed based on your experience and currency as a Flight Instructor


Course length:

  •  1 month

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