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High Altitude Training (HAT)

High Altitude Training (HAT)

aka Mountain Flying



This is an advanced level mission-oriented course designed to teach the pilot to operate helicopters in high-density altitude and/or mountain operational environments during the day and at night with night vision goggles (NVGs).

The theoretical part includes the factors that affect this type of operation, planning and execution, techniques used for simulated training, and the considerations for operating at night with night vision goggles. The flight part comprises mission planning, pre-flight preparation, and flight techniques for take-off, en-route flight, approach, and landing on different types of terrain and landing areas.

The course incorporates the methodology for the analysis of the wind and terrain,aircraft power management techniques, the techniques to take advantage of the wind flow, as well as emphasizing cockpit and crew resource management.

Our approach emphasizes the use of checklists for the execution of procedures for each phase of flight, all designed to operate efficiently and safely within this challenging operational environment.

*Standardized Courses tailorable to fit specific training requirements.

Course Features

  • Conducted in Minden, NV, USA

  • Training delivered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a challenging and realistic operational environment, with altitudes ranging from 6,000 feet to 11,000 feet

  • Modeled under the standards of the United States Army - HAATS

  • Conducted by experienced former military instructors with FAA CFI/CFII certifications

High Altitude Training Course Features
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