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FAA & EASA Helicopter Training

FAA Helicopter Training

Become a pilot

Our Rich Training History

We have been training helicopter pilots for over 30 years. There are only a few places around the world where you will not find a pilot we had the privilege to mentor. Today, our graduates are flying high at every level, in hundreds of aviation units around the globe, serving as pilots, chief pilots, directors of training, military leaders and decision-makers.

More than 20 years ago, we started providing European training (JAR) and became the 3rd Non-EU Training Organization authorized to do so by the European regulator. Two years after, we were awarded a U.S. government contract that started our footprint into the military market. Some of the personnel involved back then are still around now!

Benefits of learning to fly with USATS

With an average of 320 flying days per year, we can make sure your training will be done on time. Our practice areas are located within 10 nautical miles from our airport, limiting the transit time for your off-airport training.


International airports and busy airspace are situated less than 30 nautical miles from Titusville, providing exposure to high traffic communication and intense IFR environment. There are 4 instrument approaches on the airfield to include ILS and GPS WAAS with LPV minimums, allowing for maximum efficiency of your Instrument training flights.​

Our mission is to produce the most highly qualified, proficient graduates and leaders capable of unlimited growth throughout their careers. Since your first job will probably be as a Flight Instructor have a look at our training philosophy to see the USATS advantage.

Our training programs blend best practices from both FAA and EASA that build uncompromising foundations in safety culture and early introduction of advanced concepts such as Crew Resource Management, Risk Management, Threat and Error Management, and Aeronautical Decision Making. This approach creates habitual behaviors that facilitate a faster and more efficient adaptation to follow-on advanced platform training.

Our training is conducted at Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX) in Titusville, FL and at our high-altitude training facility in Minden, NV.

Training Courses

Our student pilots can undertake a wide range of specific training courses. These courses deliver graduates who are well prepared and ready for the next step of their career from day one. Our training courses include:

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