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Initial Enrty Rotary-Wing (IERW)

Initial Entry Rotary-Wing (IERW)



A state-of-the-art initial qualification course, which has been designed based on the successful and proven US Army Helicopter Training System. This course seamlessly integrates the military approach with the best helicopter training techniques. Also, the course is taught in an aviation environment that preserves the customs and characteristics of military culture.

The course is divided into 4 phases with a strong emphasis on Crew Resource Management (CRM):

  1. The primary phase allows the pilot to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced maneuvres in combination with the aeronautical knowledge required to operate a helicopter.

  2. The instrument phase allows the pilot to learn attitude flying with reference to flight instruments, and the take-off, en-route flight, approach and landing procedures under Instrument Flight Rules.

  3. The daytime tactical operations phase teaches pilots mission-oriented operation, which includes mission planning, multi-aircraft operations, and low-level navigation techniques.

  4. The night-time tactical operations phase teaches pilots the skills and knowledge necessary to operate in the demanding night environment and qualifies pilots for flight with NVGs.

*Standardized Courses tailorable to fit specific training requirements.

Course Features

  • Conducted in Titusville, FL, USA

  • Phases; Primary, Instrument, Tactical Operations during day and night to include NVGs

  • Modelled under the standards of the United States Department of State and Department of Defense

  • Tailorable to obtain FAA Licenses as per customer request

  • Conducted by experienced instructors with FAA CFI/CFII certifications

Initial Entry Rotary-Wing Course Features
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