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Instrument Flying (INST) Military

Instrument Flying (INST)



This course is designed to prepare the pilot for the flight with reference to the aircraft's instruments and to react correctly when inadvertently entering instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). 

The basic instrument flight phase allows the pilot to learn attitude flight, cross-checking, instrument interpretation, and aircraft control during straight and level flight, climbing and descending, and turning.

The advanced instrument flight phase allows the pilot to learn instrument take-off, instrument navigation, and procedures for making precision and non-precision approaches, as well as landing transitions.

Finally, the course emphasizes flight planning and preparation and the application of the concepts of risk management and threat and error management.

*Standardized Courses tailorable to fit specific training requirements.

Course Features

  • Conducted in Titusville, FL, USA

  • Special Focus: Aeronautical Decision Making, Risk Management, Threat and Error Management, Cockpit and Crew Resource Management

  • Conducted by experienced instructors with FAA CFI/CFII certifications

Military Instrument Flying Course Features
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