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Instrument Rating (IR) Course Helicopter

Instrument Rating (IR) Course



An Instrument Rating has become a must-have in the arsenal of a helicopter pilot.

  • For safety: Even if you are planning on being a "VFR" only pilot, simply recognizing that we are all just human and capable of bad decision making/mistakes or unexpected weather happens, study of the NTSB database demonstrates that being a rated AND proficient instrument pilot is a solid investment for an increased life expectancy.

  • For career: The majority of jobs require an Instrument Rating; either it is inherent to the work (IFR Offshore captain, IFR-EMS or VIP pilot) or simply required by an insurance policy for some VFR operations (Flight over water, VFR-EMS). This is also true when trying to find your first job as a flight instructor!

Our training course has been designed by our experienced staff members who have real IFR experience from operating from the North Sea to the coast of West Africa. We can offer the IR training in a traditional 6 pack instrument aircraft but prioritize this training in a modern glass cockpit environment. We realize there is a lot of discussion around that topic. Have a look at what we think regarding EFIS vs traditional 6 Pack instrumentation.

Course Features


  • Hold a private rotorcraft helicopter certificate

  • Has logged 50 hrs of cross-country PIC

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand English


  • Appropriate ground knowledge

  • 40 hours of instrument training

Course length:

  • 3 months


  • S300CBi

  • R44

Our Part 141 IR Program


Removes the requirement to have 50 hrs of cross-country PIC time and reduces the training time.


  • Ground School: 68 hrs

  • Dual: 31.5 hrs of instrument training

  • Simulator: 3.5 hrs

Course length:

  •  2.5 months

Instrument Rating Helicopter Course
Instrument Rating 141 Add-on

141 IR Add-on


  • Hold at least a FAA private airplane certificate with instrument rating

  • Hold a Rotorcraft Helicopter rating

  • Hold at least a class 3 FAA medical


  • Ground school: 20 hrs

  • Dual: 12 hrs of instrument training

  • Sim: 5 hrs

Course length:

  • 1.5 months

There is a significant difference in completing the required training under FAR part 61 or the FAR part 141 program. Follow this link to better understand.

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