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Instrument Rating (IR) Course Airplane

Instrument Rating (IR) Course

At USATS we have the perfect set up for you to earn your instrument rating. Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX), our home-based airport, has a few precision and non-precision approaches. Within a short flight, we have several other airports such as Orlando Executive (KORL), Melbourne (KMLB), and Orlando-Sanford International (KSFB), which give you plenty of options to practice approaches. 

You will have the opportunity to be flying in some of the busiest airspace and airports in the U.S. that will prepare you to be able to fly in any airspace. Our proximity to all these airports, our almost year-round perfect weather conditions, and our new glass cockpit airplanes makes us the prime flight school for you to learn and obtain your instrument rating. 


  • Training in a C-172 with G1000

  • 2-month program

  • 40 hours of Flight Time

  • 35.5 hours of Ground School

Airplane Instrument Rating Summary

Not ready for our instrument course?

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This is the best time to become a pilot. Over the next 10 years, it is estimated that 255,000 new pilots will be needed to fill the jobs from pilots retiring at the airlines after reaching 65 years of age in the U.S. alone.

Don't wait any longer and give us a call to get you on the right track to start your airline career!

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