Military Programs at USATS

Military, Law Enforcement, and Government Training Programs

Our Rich Training History

USATS continues to leave an enduring mark on the helicopter training industry as one of the world's premier providers of military, Law Enforcement, and Government helicopter training.

Today, USATS graduates are flying high at every level, in hundreds of aviation units around the globe, serving as military leaders and decision-makers to conduct operations.

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The 'Gold Standard' of Mission Ready pilots


USATS is the world’s premier aviation training provider for rotary-wing pilots, from initial qualification to advanced mission-oriented courses based on U.S. Government standards, parallel to those found at U.S. Military Service flight schools.

​Our mission is to produce the most highly qualified, proficient military aviation graduates and leaders capable of unlimited growth, flying for any operational unit, throughout their careers.

Our training program blends best practices from both commercial and military sectors, with customized solutions for US allies that build uncompromising foundations in safety culture and early introduction of advanced concepts such as Crew Resource Management, Risk Management, Threat and Error Management, and Aeronautical Decision Making. This approach creates habitual behaviors that facilitate a faster and more efficient adaptation to follow-on advanced platform training.

Our training is conducted at Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX) Titusville, FL and at our high-altitude training facility in Minden, NV.

Training Attributes


We bring unique and unmatched solutions through relevant military training approaches, military-focused culture, and safety-oriented operations, all at a commercial price.

Please contact us to learn about the courses delivered for successfully training of more than a thousand foreign military pilots operating UH-60s, Mi-17s, B412s, and MD500s around the globe.

Military Training System modeled according to the regulations, manuals and standards of the US Army Aviation Center of Excellence - Fort Rucker

Training delivered at CONUS and OCONUS

Dedicated full-time academic and flight instructor's cadre with military aviation experience

Bilingual Training - Spanish and English

Training environment that mirrors military culture and discipline

Standardization Management System

Large world class facility and support

(FBO, Dispatch, FAA Part 145 Maintenance)

Military Training System enhanced by experience with concepts, models, and methodologies of FAA and EASA aviation training systems

Training delivered on time with fixed deadlines

Collegiate-level English Language Training

as required

Student to flight instructor ratio 2:1

Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE)

as required

Safety Management System

Full Logistical Support as required

(Housing; Transportation; Air Tickets; Per Diem; Medical Insurance)


Training Courses


Our Military or government student pilots can undertake a wide range of specific training courses. These courses deliver graduates who are well prepared and mission ready to play a “value-adding frontline role” in operations from day one. Our training courses include:

Qualified Helicopter Instructor (QHI)

(Visual & Instrument)

High Altitude Training / Mountain Flying

(Initial - Instructor)

Firefighting with Bambi Bucket (FFT)

Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET)

Aircraft Safety and Emergencies (EMER)

Initial Entry Rotary-Wing (IERW)


Night Vision Goggles (NVGs)

(Initial - Instructor)

Aircraft Qualification/Transition (AQC)

(UH-1H I/II; MD500/530; B412; UH-60; other)

External Load Training (ELT)

Nationalization and Training System Development

Nationalization and Training Systems Development


Enhance Your Internal Training Capability With USATS


USATS provides support and mentoring to foreign military aviation units, building training systems for pilots, crew members, and maintenance personnel, drawing upon our extensive expertise in managing flight schools at multiple locations and in diverse regulatory environments.

USATS training solutions are designed around your training needs, evaluating your mission set and aviators’ needs from every possible angle, including considerations like regulations, standard operating procedures, academic and flight instructional design, flight manuals, standardization and safety management, and operational control.

USATS and its parent company International Defense Aerospace Group (IDAG) have the resources required to help foreign aviation units during the transition to take over the operations control and programming as well the funding responsibilities as part of the nationalization of programs supported by US Government.

We Support US Military RW Pilot Transition to Fixed Wing Airline


USATS now offers programs for experienced military pilots wishing to convert to civilian operations or switch from rotary to fixed-wing flying. Learn more about USATS’ Rotor Transition Program by selecting the option below.

Training System Development at USATS