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Fairweather Flying: From Florida to the World

We challenge you to name anything better than the feeling of the Sun, the beauty of the Sea and the freedom of the Sky.

As life’s little pleasures go, they all individually rank up there in everyone’s “Top 10 Checklists of Perfect Destinations”. So, what if we told you that you could have ALL 3 while training in your new career as a pilot?

At USATS, our unique location offers the perfect base for pilots to check off all 3 boxes and experience the amazing Floridian lifestyle all in the comfort and knowledge of our professional teams - thanks to our Fairweather Flying programme.

Based in sunny Florida, we’ve designed unique and specialized programmes to help international pilots build their hours safely, quickly and within a way that allows for maximum exposure of flying in FAA airspace.

Interested, then check out the USATS Fairweather Page for more details.

So what makes us so special?

If being based in Florida hasn’t already perked your interest, there are more advantages too;

Experience flying in FAA airspace: Most international Airlines like to see this on your resume when completing the CPL/ATPL programmes.

On average, most of our pilots are able to complete up to 90hrs of training over the course of a 2-month period. Allowing for completion of the CPL/ATPL in a quicker time than if based in other countries.

With the improved conditions, and the ability to consume more hours during your time, this means less cost to you! But also a quicker turn-around and finding your next role as a commercial pilot.

Being uniquely positioned, we’ve partnerships with other flight schools around the globe - who also send their students to experience our courses - so don’t just take our word for it!

Life on the East Coast

There are many reasons we decided to lay our foundation in Florida, but by the far, the number one factor had to be the culture and its charm. From the big cities like Orlando to the beaches of Miami, Florida has a lot to offer - and the base in Titusville has something for everyone.

It’s hot and sunny for the majority of the year! Which means that not only are you enjoying the benefits of the clear blue skies whilst training - but when you’re firmly back on the ground, the weather certainly isn’t going to interrupt your day.

Speaking of lifestyle, as soon as you’re out of the cockpit, the beaches and parks aren’t too far away either.

If you’re in the mood for just relaxing with a book, fancy trying out the surf, golfing or going for a relaxing cruise, there is everything for everyone - oh and did we forget to mention that Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens are based here ;)

Another little pro-tip for those who are conscious about making their money go further - there is no state income tax.

While living in Florida, you’ll just have federal taxes to worry about. This (plus many other factors) helps Florida rank in the top 20 U.S. News & World Report “Best States to Live In” list.

We aren’t the only ones who are saving you time and money, they’re allowing you to relax and make the most out of the Sunshine State. For those who like to be a little closer to home, Titusville can offer a lot of fantastic experiences too.

If you’re a lover of art and culture, you’ll find a lot to keep you busy. The Titusville Playhouse, the Historic Prichard House, Harriette & Harry Moore Cultural Park in Mims are all based in the city, as well as the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex for those who are seeking a little thrill.

As for outdoor activities - it’s Florida and of course, you want to be outside - in the Titusville area there are; the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Playalinda Beach, Marina Park, the Coast to Coast Bike Trail, and the North Brevard Walking Trail just to name a few spots.

If you’re thinking of bringing your family to experience the Floridian lifestyle with you, then, of course, we encourage you to do so. We understand that it can be tough with children too, which is why the educational facilities here in Titusville are equally catered to them as they can be for you.

These include; the public libraries, elementary, middle and high schools, as well as a state college with campuses in Titusville and Cocoa that offer more than 100 degrees and extension courses.

USATS: Turning Students into Aviators

Catering to students around the world is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Knowing that we can help to inspire the next generation of aviators is a wonderful opportunity and something we take pride in.

For almost three decades, our flight school has had the privilege of hosting international students for flight training.

The M1 Student Visa programs that students participate in are the results of the Fullbright-Hays Act in 1961. One of the unique benefits of the M1 Student Visa is the flexibility to enrol in courses and study less than the 22 hours per week required by F1 visas.

M1 visas provide students with the opportunity to apply for Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT). This option becomes available as soon as you complete our training program.

Successful graduates can apply for both Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot positions at USATS or anywhere in the U.S. allowing new pilots a chance to gain experience and flight hours before they return home. Pilots benefit tremendously from the opportunity to return home as experienced aviators!

The Student Service’s Office is always there to help and offer advice for upcoming pilots to explore their options. We can offer help and guidance towards finance, housing and the general cost of living, giving a unique and personalised experience to each and every one of their students.

USATS don’t just train pilots we create Aviators.

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