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Have you always wanted to learn to fly?

Have you always wanted to learn to fly, yet never thought you would be able to get the ball rolling?

Are you thinking the hurdles to register for flight training are too great?

Well, if you’re a US student, we've simplified our processes to help you begin a new chapter in your life! Simply submit copies of your application, photo ID, FAA medical certificate and a $1,500 deposit (to cover your enrollment fee, initial ground school and first few flight lessons) and you’ll be ready to go.

The only financial commitment involves having sufficient funds on your student account to cover that day’s flight when you show up at Dispatch to collect your aircraft keys! (of course, we recommend budgeting for your anticipated training expenses to avoid any disruptions in your training).

Contact us today to learn how we can help makes your dreams come true! Check our accelerated flight instructor programs!

Always Wanted To Fly

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