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U.S. Aviation Training Solutions (USATS) announce MOU with Broward College

The partnership offers an easier path for USATS graduates to earn a degree from Broward College.

U.S. Aviation Training Solutions (USATS) today finalized an MOU with Broward College, which will see current and future USATS students being offered Credit-for-Prior-Learning (CPL) towards the Broward College Associate of Science Degree in Professional Pilot Technology.

As a significant leader in the effort to enhance higher education, Broward College, and USATS, the gold standard of helicopter pilot training, have taken great strides in becoming a source of shared knowledge and cultural enrichment for many students.

‘This represents a constructive, ongoing partnership with Broward College and further reinforces the top training and opportunities available to USATS students. Broward College is known as the premier educational resource for community development, business, and industry, and we’re proud to have signed this MOU with them,’ said Todd Smith, USATS Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development.

Graduates of the helicopter pilot training program can earn up to 33 CPL credits towards the associate degree at Broward College, reducing the completion time and cost of the 64-credit program. Students can receive CPL credits for the following courses:

  • Private Pilot

  • Instrument Rating

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Multi-Engine Rating

  • Certified Flight Instructor

After completing the USATS Program, helicopter pilots complete their degree through a combination of classroom and distance learning, delivered with the flexibility to allow qualified pilots enrolled at Broward to build hours as FAA-certified instructors for USATS.

‘Our partnership with USATS eases the opportunity for students to earn an associate degree from one of the top-rated community colleges in the nation,´ said Russell McCaffery, Dean of Transportation programs at Broward College. ‘Recognizing the high-quality training provided by USATS reinforces our shared commitment to helping open the talent pipeline of highly qualified pilots to meet the employment needs of USATS hiring partners in oil and gas, aerial firefighting, EMS and tour operator industries.’

USATS announce MOU with Broward College

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