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USATS & GAA Exhibiting at Pilot Expo 2020 in Berlin

USATS & GAA will be exhibiting at Pilot Expo 2020 in Berlin, Germany, from February 21st-22nd.

The expo is Europes largest event dedicated to flight crew recruitment and training. It's aimed at experienced pilots, recent flight school graduates and aspiring future aviators. Join the largest flight crew gathering of the year!

Join us at the exhibition on our stand and talk to us about our Airline Academy, flight school, flight training, fairweather flying programs, government and military contracting, and discover why USATS and GAA are the 'gold standard' in aviation training.

Meet Us At Pilot Expo

We don’t just train pilots, we create professional aviators who are prepared to meet the challenges of a profession that demands excellence. We employ advanced concepts (such as threat and error management), top-tier instructors, and Technically Advanced Aircraft making the decision to choose USATS and GAA an easy one.

Formerly Bristow Training Academy, USATS has been developing thousands of driven people to become professional pilots for more than 32 years from over 120 countries around the world.

Get your free exhibition ticket by using the code 'pilot-expo-USATS' and book your tickets here - don’t forget to drop into our stand!

USATS at Pilot Expo

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