US Aviation Training Solutions

Rich History & Alumni

 Travel anywhere in the world and you’re likely to find a USATS graduate operating safely there. We’ve trained thousands of aviators from more than 120 countries.

​From flying Search and Rescue missions in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, providing VIP or recreational transport over the glacial fields of Alaska and the skyline of New York City, to flying military missions over the jungles of Colombia or Peru or the deserts of Africa, we have graduates flying in every corner of the globe.

The Early Years

 The USATS story began in 1987, the year Helicopter Adventures Inc. (HAI) was founded by Mr. Patrick Corr in Concord, CA.

​By 2000, the company had grown substantially and was relocated to Space Coast, FL (Titusville). In Titusville, HAI became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bristow Group Inc. in 2007 and was rebranded as Bristow Academy.

Setting The Standard For Quality

Since 2001, Our helicopter academy set the standard for quality helicopter pilot training. This was a time of development for our key training programs, which were geared toward a new breed of career-oriented student pilots.

An Exciting Future

There has never been a better time to enter the aviation industry. Helicopter pilots have a wide range of exciting, challenging, and high-paying career options such as military, law enforcement, tour operators, and oil and gas. There are even opportunities to transition into the airlines with our Rotor Transition Program (RTP) as the airline industry is facing a crippling shortage of quality-trained entry-level pilots.

A New Era

​In November 2017, Bristow Academy came under new ownership and changed its name to U.S. Aviation Training Solutions Inc. The name reflects our evolving mission to train, mentor, and support the careers of professional aviators and in 2018 saw the launch of USATS first airplane training program serving the airline industry specifically.

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